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MKPBR.COM (MarketplaceBR) is the first online store in Brazil that delivers products and brands from Brazil to more than 200 countries. We are a marketplace where you will find thousands of Brazilian products and brands from different categories.

We were born thinking of Brazilians who live and work in other countries, but we know that the high quality and variety of products and brands in Brazil are desired by foreign buyers from around the world, so we love to supply products made in Brazil to buyers worldwide .

Our industries produce consumer goods of the highest quality and good taste, which are also desired by those who have never been to Brazil, or by those who have been here and brought good memories to their lives. MKPBR is a global brand, from Brazil to the world.
We deliver extremely fast orders to your door at no additional cost.

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Founder of Marketplace Brasil, he is a professional with extensive experience in e-commerce in Brasil. He was a consultant for marketplace projects for Brazilian companies and for the federal government of Brazil.
He has a deep knowledge of the global marketplaces market and is a marketplaces advisor with great prominence in the Brazilian market. Nominated 3 times for the best e-commerce professional, an award offered by Abcomm (Brazilian E-commerce Association)


Graduated in Design, she has more than 20 years of experience in developing luxury products and furniture. She is responsible for selecting new products for MKPBR, in addition to developing the entire aesthetic concept of the MKPBR brand.

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