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Personal Shopper | Buy from Brazil - Motocycle parts - 15 items (DDP)

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  1. 1X Cubo Roda Traseira Original Honda Hamp Bros 150 2009
  2. 1X Cubo Da Roda Traseira Xr Tornado 250 Original Honda
  3. 1X Tampa Motor Cg 125 L/d Original Usado
  4. 1X Tampa De Embreagem Da Cg Today 125 Original Usado..
  5. 1X Tampa Motor Cg 125 / Today Lado Embreagem 1983 / 19
  6. 1X Tampa Embreagem L.d Cg Today 125 (83/90) Orig. 11330-kga-900
  7. 1X Tampa Da Embreagem Cg Today 125 Original !!
  8. 1X Tampa Lateral Direita Honda Cg 125 1988 Original
  9. 1X Tampa Da Embreagem Honda Cg 125 Antiga
  10. 1X Tampa De Embreagem Cg 125 Ml 125 Direita 1983 Até 1989
  11. 1X Tampa Da Embreagem Honda Cg 125 1985 Titan


1. 4X Tampa Motor Cg 125 / Today Lado Embreagem 1983 / 1991





Our services after you purchase:

  1. We buy the products from the online store
  2. We receive the products in our warehouse in Brazil -
  3. We check if the products are as described in the offer
  4. We send product photos for you
  5. We pack suitable box for international shipping
  6. We prepare the international shipping documentation
  7. We deliver to the carrier - Delivery time after pickup - 5 to 15 working days.
  8. We send the tracking code to you (FedEX)
  9. The budget amount on checkout is already included customs fees


- It is very important that you choose the sizes, as the SaudadeBR service is not responsible for exchanges and returns.

- We do not accept product returns after international shipping postage, as there is no time to return to stores here in Brazil.

- When you receive your products, if you wish to make an EXCHANGE, our Personal Shopper can assist you at a cost of $35 USD - if the Brazilian store accepts the exchange.

- The Costumer is responsible for the return shipping to Brazil, within 3 business days.

- The product must be sent in its original packaging, with no signs of misuse, without violation of the original manufacturer's seal, accompanied by the invoice or tax receipt, original tag, manual and all of its accessories.

- All shipping costs to Brazil and back to your address, are the responsibility of the costumer.

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