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How to buy from Brazil (without CPF)

How to buy from Brazil (without CPF)

Buying products from Brazil can be a challenge for foreigners who do not have a CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas), as many companies require this document to process payments and ship products.

However, there are some ways around this requirement and buy from Brazil without a CPF.


But the CPF requirement is not the only barrier foreigners encounter when they want to buy from Brazil.

There are several reasons why some online stores from Brazil do not deliver to other countries. Some of the main reasons include:

1. Logistical constraints: Companies may have difficulty dealing with international logistics and shipping issues, including lack of knowledge about import and export procedures, customs regulations, high shipping and insurance costs, and potential delivery delays.

2. Difficulties with international payments: Brazilian online stores may face challenges in accepting international payments, as there are differences in payment processing rules in different countries. Also, overseas payment systems may not accept credit or debit cards issued in other countries, which can make the purchasing process more difficult for international customers.

3. Regulatory Requirements: There are various regulatory requirements in different countries that can make it difficult to sell Brazilian products abroad. For example, certain products may be banned in some countries or may require compliance with specific regulations before being sold.

4. Communication difficulties: Brazilian companies may face challenges in communicating with international customers due to language and cultural differences. This can lead to customer service problems, translation errors, and communication difficulties in general.

5. Business priorities: Finally, some companies may choose to focus on their domestic operations and not expand into international markets due to financial constraints, limited resources, or other business priorities.

In summary, there are many factors that may prevent Brazilian online stores from delivering to other countries, including issues of logistics, payments, regulation, communication, and business priorities.

However, some Brazilian companies still manage to overcome these obstacles and offer international shopping options to customers around the world.

MKPBR.COM is one of those pioneering companies in Brazil that managed to overcome all barriers to sell products and brands from Brazil to virtually any country in the world.

Founded in 2017 MKPBR (Marketplace Brasil) was born as a consultancy to serve large companies and even had the Brazilian Federal Government as a client for a major marketplace project.

After starting the development of a book on marketplace platforms, the founder of MKPBR.COM, Rafael, began to study in depth the marketplace platforms of Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, Alibaba and others.

He realized that there were practically no Brazilian products for sale in these international marketplaces.

Rafael saw the opportunity and soon began tests to understand the feasibility of selling and delivering products from Brazil to the world.

With over 8,000 sales to buyers from over 90 countries in the last 4 years, MKPBR.COM today is a reference in Brazil and worldwide.

You can count on the experience, responsibility and security of MKPBR to buy from Brazil without having a CPF.

The MKPBR Personal Shopper Services has been praised by buyers from around the world for the service provided by Shirley, the speed of delivery and the quality of the packaging that protects the most delicate products during the international trip to the buyer.

Many small companies have also used the MKPBR Personal Shopper to purchase exclusive products from Brazil and resell them in their country.

In MKPBR you do not need a CPF and the service can be practically in any language.

A highlight of the service is the well-defined steps where the buyer receives almost real-time updates of your purchase, such as: confirmation that your item was purchased in the store in Brazil, detailed photos of products when they arrive at MKPBR Warehouse for the buyer to approve the shipment, etc.

If the item received is not exactly what was requested, MKPBR will quickly request the exchange or return of the product to the seller. In other words, the buyer has total control of what should be done by the MKPBR Personal Shopper.

You can use the services of MKPBR to buy from any online store in Brazil such as Mercado Livre, Shoppee, Amazon Brazil, OLX, etc..

The most requested products in Brazil are:
1. rare collectible items found by the foreigners on websites (You can find a list of websites from Brazil where you can find collectible and rare items)

2. Women's clothing exclusive from Brazil. Brazil has many good people producing fashionable clothes

3. Car parts

4. Board games

5. Digital products

6. Miscellaneous products for resale in brick-and-mortar stores or online in other countries

To request the Personal Shopper services just CLICK HERE and request through the form the items you want from Brazil.

Quickly you will receive a quotation in the form of a product page with all the detailed information (including costs) and ready for payment.

We are already developing a new platform for the MKPBR Personal Shoppper Services that will facilitate even more purchases from Brazil without CPF, with extreme security and fair prices.

Access now the Personal Shopper Services website and experience a friendly, personalized service and have exclusive items from Brazil.


Use now the MKPBR Personal Shopper services and buy safely any product from Brazil.


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