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Tertúlia Chimarrão Yerba Mate Traditional 1kg (35.27 oz)

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Founded in 1987, Tertúlia is renowned for its excellence. The green color and unique flavor of this yerba mate are the results of a clean, healthy production process that respects the environment through the management of natural resources, as well as a rigorous raw material selection process.

Product Features:

  • Composition: Ilex paraguariensis
  • Predominant Color: Natural green from the leaves
  • Granulation: Fine
  • Packaging Type: 1kg (35.27 oz) paper bag
  • No Added Sugar
  • Gluten-Free

Product Benefits:

  • Being a natural product, small variations in color and flavor may occur from batch to batch.
  • Yerba mate does not spoil; it only changes color and flavor as it ages.

Quality and Sustainability:

We are a company integrated with nature, part of the energy cycle, respecting the environment through conscious management of the resources we use in all our chimarrão and tereré production processes.

We value everything that is natural, healthy, correct, and fair. That's why we have been working with chimarrão for so long, a product that brings health to thousands of people every day and can be cultivated to restore degraded areas, reclaiming soil and forests. We help by planting native and fruit trees, restoring springs and streams, and providing ground cover. As a result, wildlife returns to these areas.

Production Process:

All this goodness and energy are in the veins of the leaves that make up Tertúlia chimarrão. We combine technology with this in all processes, from the field to packaging, ensuring this energy reaches your gourd. Every sip is special, almost sweet, a slightly sweet bitterness, thanks to the nutrients present in each leaf, as nature gives back everything we do for it.

Everything in our products is natural and nothing goes unnoticed by our trained teams. They take care and respect the yerba mate plants, harvesting only the mature leaves during pruning, and discarding any impurities. Quickly, we transport the fresh yerba mate to start the processing, ensuring no nutrients are lost from the leaves.

After the leaves are sapecada (quickly toasted), fixing the nutrients in the yerba mate, we proceed with processing the product to maintain extreme quality. The same day, we pack the yerba mate in various packaging systems.

Health Benefits:

  • Considered an almost complete food for containing nearly all the nutrients our body needs.
  • Stimulates physical and mental activity, benefiting nerves and muscles, eliminating fatigue.
  • The stimulating effect of mate is prolonged without side effects or residues like insomnia and irritability.
  • Improves circulation, accelerates heart rate, and harmonizes the bulbar-medullary function.
  • Facilitates digestion and promotes evacuation and urination.
  • Contains antioxidants, making it excellent for skin health, heart and respiratory function regulation, and cellular regeneration.
  • Contains caffeine and antioxidants that help eliminate cellulite and combat premature aging.

Standard Composition PN1

  • Yerba Mate Leaves (Ilex paraguariensis): Minimum of 70% leaves and a maximum of 30% other parts of the branch
  • Predominant Color: Natural green from the leaves
  • Packaging Type: Paper
  • Granulation: Fine
  • Shelf Life: 6 months

Enjoy the quality and tradition of Tertúlia yerba mate, bringing more flavor and health to your daily life!

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