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Kit Tyrrel Maxxi Therapy HyperNutrition - Mask Therapy 500g + Honung Honey Hair Mask 500g

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Kit Tyrrel Mascara Maxxi Therapy 500g And Capillary Honung Honey 500g. Tyrrel Maxi Therapy HyperNutrition Mask was developed with Argan Oil, an antioxidant product that helps treat the hair, leaving it stronger, frizz-free and very shiny. It has the power to rejuvenate the strands, it acts deeply in the hair fiber, providing a hypernutrition and mass replacement the result will be healthy hair with an intense shine. The Collagen Replenishing Mask Honung Honey is enriched with Honey and Royal Jelly, which have nourishing properties that reconstruct the hair fiber damaged by physical-chemical action, giving it an extraordinary shine. It also has Collagen in its formula, which acts in the hydric replacement of the threads, increasing their resistance, resulting in stronger and healthier hair.


Brand: ‎Tyrrel

Indications: Promotes instant treatment, nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber improving texture. Hypernutrition Treatment and Replenishment of Mass and Collagen.

Unit: 1 Kit - Contains

01 - Tyrrel Maxxi Therapy 500g

01 - Tyrrel Honung Honey Hair Collagen Replenisher 500g

Product dimensions: ‎30 x 30 x 20 cm; 1kg

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