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Orfeu Intense Roasted Beans Coffee 250g - Brazilian Coffee

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☕ Intensity  -  8

Orfeu Intenso Coffee Beans 250g is a specialty coffee in 100% Arabica beans, quite full-bodied with a dark roast. The coffee bean has notes of fruit jam, with high sweetness, low acidity, and a velvety body. Its intensity is equivalent to 8.

- 1 Pack Orfeu Intense Coffee Beans 250g

130x70x340mm (LxWxH)

We point out that this product is sold in beans, that is, for an optimum experience, it is necessary to have a grinder, which can be manual or automatic. You can find it on our website, on the accessories page.

As for harmonization, we suggest trying your Orfeu Intenso Coffee Beans 250g with parmesan cheese and/or guava. These flavors complement each other and bring unique sensations to the palate.

When we say that a coffee is Special, we are telling its whole story, from the planting to the cupping, all the care, dedication, and respect for the coffee plantation and for time.
Orfeu has an important difference: All our processes are carried out on our farms. We plant, harvest, process, roast, and pack. This guarantees total freshness of the coffee. You will notice the uniformity of the beans and the roasting. You will notice the characteristic aromas and flavors. All the details that make your experience with Orfeu outstanding.


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