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Rye Patins

With almost 40 years of experience, Rye Patins is a pioneer in the manufacture of the entire line of skates and is currently considered the largest manufacturer of the segment in Latin America.

Rye Patins is present in almost all skating and hockey schools in Brazil, and is an official sponsoring sponsor of several Brazilian athletes in national and worldwide competitions. Its products are used by several athletes and lovers of skating. In addition to producing products for professional use in figure skating and hockey, the company also produces a line of skates for leisure.

Brazilian and high quality product!



Moisture is very harmful to boots, so always open the laces well and leave them in an airy place. Do not store skates in bags, they are for transport only.

Cleaning is done with a damp cloth. You can also polish them with shoe polish or touch them up with appropriate paint. Check that the system is always working (hooks, laces). Avoid dragging on floors that could damage it.

Check that the base is firmly attached to the case. Make sure that the center screw and the brake are firmly attached to the base. It is necessary to change the dampers at least once a year.
Do not over-tighten the trucks, as this can cause problems with the shock absorbers or even break the part.

Check that the wheels are firmly attached to the axle. They must be cleaned with absorbent paper. Do not use any type of abrasive product to clean the wheels, as they may destroy the wheel layer. Always use in appropriate places.

They must always be fluid when used for any occasion. Never wash the bearings with water, as it can cause irreversible rust. Remove the wheel bearings with an extractor and place them in a special bearing fluid, and after cleaning with a small hard bristle brush. Finally, lubricate them with bearing oil.


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