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Quitanda was born to make a conscious and intelligent fashion, and that values ​​manual work. The planet and society no longer support consumerism exacerbated with products so volatile and disposable.

 And it was on a trip to Fortaleza - Northeast Brazil, that I met the artisan Checho. He made beautiful leather bags by hand. Bags to last for years (for a lifetime if well cared for), and then I realized that a product needs to show the user's personality and better than that, it needs to last, and not wear out so quickly (because after all, soon you buy another one , Is not it?).

 We started to think, where is all this garbage that we are producing with this industrialized fashion going? So, we decided to create useful products that were beautiful, but that above all could be used until the person gets sick (instead of spoiling), and that after that it could be passed on to someone else, instead of being discarded.

 Valuing manual labor was also a desire. That´s why, Quitanda products are produced manually by highly qualified people, valuing manual labor ... All processes done at Quitanda are manual, from cutting to seams and edge finishes, all done with a lot of love and Careful.

This is Quitanda, a Brazilian brand, handcrafted, with quality and lasting style!


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