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Classic Roller Skates with high Boots, for Teens and Adults, Indoor Roller Skates, Artistic Roller Skates - Adventure Model

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Color: White | pink wheels

  • [ARTISTIC ROLLER SKATES INDOOR] Traditional style skates for kids, teens and adults, who are learning the first movements of artistic skating and dance. THE BOOTS ARE PADDED, HIGHT AND RIGID, which allow good control when turning or jumping safely to the ankles. The harder and more rigid the boot, the more stability and safety for the skater in jumps and twirls. The ADVENTURE model is a very light and resistant beginner skate, also used in skating schools.

  • [COMFORT FIT] Spin Boot with side cutouts, has a rigid inner lining, for greater safety and stability in heels and twirls. High boots allow to control your movements safely. The boot sides have internal support that covers the ankle, and it stable and secure. It has a “heel”, which puts the skater in the elegant skating position. Made of high-tech PU, it´s anatomical and has a mooring system along its entire length. The high-performance insole with anti-impact provides comfort when skating.

  • [ EXCELENT SUPPORT] Adventure Base aluminum board (light alloy) with professional measures, 8mm trucks, with fixed articulation pin, rubber shock absorbers and brakes. The position of the brakes is adjustable for better usability. Check that the base is securely attached to the boot and make sure that the central axle and the brake are firmly attached to the base. This model benefits from the same wheelbase and angles used in professional models.

  • [STABILITY AND CONTROL] Bearing 608 mm suitable for figure skating, double-sealed, with covers on both sides, which protect against dust and dirt. Used on trucks with 8 mm axles. Achieves good turning speed, producing small vibration and low noise level. Start wheels for beginner skaters, 57mm and hardness 92A, provide stability in the movements of artistic skating, hard wheels that work better to perform tricks.

  • [PERFECT ROLLER SKATES] The ADVENTURE Roller Skates with high and rigid boots, elegant heels guarantee the ideal safety for those just starting out. The laces allow for easy adjustments to ensure comfortable and secure feet. The well-structured boot, suitable for skaters to make their first jumps in comfort and safety. Our classic skates are safe and stable, ideal for people who want to learn to skate easily. You can improve balance, agility, strength and endurance, and have fun while skating.



Moisture is very harmful to boots, so always open the laces well and leave them in an airy place. Do not store skates in bags, they are for transport only.

Cleaning is done with a damp cloth. You can also polish them with shoe polish or touch them up with appropriate paint. Check that the system is always working (hooks, laces). Avoid dragging on floors that could damage it.

Check that the base is firmly attached to the case. Make sure that the center screw and the brake are firmly attached to the base. It is necessary to change the dampers at least once a year.
Do not over-tighten the trucks, as this can cause problems with the shock absorbers or even break the part.

Check that the wheels are firmly attached to the axle. They must be cleaned with absorbent paper. Do not use any type of abrasive product to clean the wheels, as they may destroy the wheel layer. Always use in appropriate places.

They must always be fluid when used for any occasion. Never wash the bearings with water, as it can cause irreversible rust. Remove the wheel bearings with an extractor and place them in a special bearing fluid, and after cleaning with a small hard bristle brush. Finally, lubricate them with bearing oil.

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